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Updated: February 2, 2024
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Searching for the perfect gift for the photographer in your life can be a daunting task, especially if you're not familiar with the technicalities of the craft. Our extensive guide is here to help!

With decades of experience in photography AND in receiving photography gifts that are sometimes stellar and sometimes fall flat (hello, digital picture frame), we know what qualifies as the best gifts for photographers.

We've curated a list of unique, practical, and delightful gift ideas that will impress and delight any outdoor photographers in your life, regardless of their skill level.

Whether you're budgeting under $25 or ready to splurge a bit more, we've got you covered.

Each of these photography gift ideas is carefully selected with the photographer's needs in mind, ensuring they get a tool that is not just impressive but also useful in their work.

Our picks at a glance

Top Picks
Top Picks
Top Picks
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
Great for Nature Photographers
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Our Top Gifts for Photographers

Photo: Doralin Samuel Tunas/Shutterstock

A Better Camera Strap

A premium camera strap makes an exceptional gift for any photographer. It's one of those essentials that photographers need but often overlook when investing in their kit.

We love the Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness, which can convert to hold one or two cameras. It offers unparalleled ease of carrying multiple cameras, making it an essential piece of gear for those multi-shot moments. Plus, the wide padded shoulder straps are extra comfortable for carrying heavier cameras.

And for anyone carrying heavier gear, like nature photographers, the Cotton Carrier is a real game changer. It provides a safe and comfortable way to carry a camera, keeping your hands free and your gear secure while you're on the move.

If you want to keep it streamlined but sleeeeek, we recommend the Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide strap. This beauty is comfortable to wear, plus it pops on and off of your camera with ease, making it perfect for photographers who often use a tripod and don't want a strap swinging to cause shutter blur.


A Flexible Tripod

The Joby GorillaPod one of those great gifts that anyone is excited to get, including nature photographers, due to its versatility and durability. This handy tripod is perfect for mounting their camera in unconventional locations to capture unique shots.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: if your photographer friend has a pretty big camera and lens, consider getting them the 3k or 5k versions of the Gorillapod. This supports the heavier weight of those hefty camera and lens combos that many nature photographers have.

A Great Camera Bag

A camera bag truly makes an excellent gift for photographers of all skill levels, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned professionals. With its perfect blend of functionality and style, it's the friendly companion that helps keep their valuable gear organized, protected, and always within reach.

The Mindshift Camera Backpack is a gem among camera bags, making it an exceptional gift for nature photographers. This backpack not only offers a secure dwelling for your photography equipment but also features an innovative rotation design that ensures your camera is always at your fingertips. If you aren't sure what size to get, we recommend the 36L bag, which is a great all-around size for day trips with a longer telephoto lens.

Meanwhile, the Tenba Backpack V2 is excellent for going low-profile. This camera bag is exceptional as an all-purpose travel bag. It's the perfect size to fit in an overhead compartment or slide under the seat in front of you in airplanes, which is wonderful peace of mind when you're carrying fragile equipment. It looks like any regular backpack, yet fits a mirrorless or DSLR camera with 5-7 lenses, plus a 16″ laptop up to 16 inches (or fits DJI Mavic and other compact drones). It has a roll-top compartment for extras, plus a side pocket for a tripod (like that Joby Gorillapod we mentioned earlier!) or a water bottle. We've extensively field tested this camera bag and it gets full thumbs up!

A Trusty Travel Drive

Every photographer who goes on trips or travels for workshops will want a travel drive (or two!) so they can back up their photos while in the field. You have a lot of choices when it comes to travel drives, from brand to capacity to compatibility. In our years of using dozens of travel drives, this Western Digital My Passport has truly held up. It's a trustworthy choice. It also comes in a whopping 5 TB capacity, which is fantastic for holding years' worth of large photo files, and has versions compatible with Macs or PCs.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: Pair it with THIS travel case that we have field tested and love. It'll keep that hard drive safe even in the toughest field environments! The only thing that would make your photographer pal more photos-on-the-go-ready is if you threw in portable photo printer. But hey, some things can wait 'til you get back from the field!

Fantastic Filters

Graduated neutral density filters are a fantastic gift for photographers who love capturing the great outdoors. These filters allow for a smoother transition in lighting, preventing overexposure in bright skies while keeping the landscape below adequately lit – a real lifesaver when Mother Nature decides to put on a dramatic light show!

Cokin is a well-loved brand with high-quality glass and this set of filters provides a mix of different stops (how dark the glass gets) so your photographer friend can have lots of flexibility for making beautiful shots in different lighting conditions, whether they use a DSLR, mirrorless or vintage camera.

Meanwhile, a Variable Neutral Density (VND) Filter is the perfect companion for any nature photographer who loves playing with motion blur or shallow depth of field in their shots. Acting like sunglasses for your camera, it allows you to control the amount of light coming in with a quick twist of the filter, giving you more creative freedom over shutter speed and aperture even in the brightest conditions. This is a lovely gift for any creative photographer in your life.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: These come in different sizes to fit different lenses. So you may have to ask your recipient what the filter size of their favorite lens is, so you know which size to choose.

Fun Ways to Light The Scene

The Lume Cube is an outstanding gift for any photographer seeking to enhance their lighting capabilities in a compact and portable design. This small but powerful lighting device delivers adjustable illumination that can transform any photography scene. Its waterproof and durable design makes it a reliable companion in a variety of settings, from nighttime landscapes to underwater shoots.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Photographers

Domke Protective Wraps

These protective wraps are an absolute must-have, especially for nature photographers who use hiking backpacks or unconventional camera bags for their gear. The thick felt wraps come in 3 sizes, and will wrap around camera bodies, lenses, flashes, or anything else that fits in a camera bag. Velcro fasteners on all four corners let you wrap them around items of any shape. They're just amazing. We've been using them for the better part of 10 years, and they've been life-savers for equipment. We can't imagine heading out without them!

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: Consider selecting a couple of the larger wraps in different colors so that the photographer can easily identify what they have in their bag based on color. They'll thank you for it!

 High-Quality Memory Card Reader

A high-quality memory card reader is an often overlooked but absolutely essential tool for any nature photographer. This device allows for quick and secure transfer of images from the memory card to a computer, ensuring that no valuable shots are lost in the shuffle. This specific model from UGREEN is one of our top choices because it supports a wide range of memory card types, making it a versatile addition to any photographer's toolkit no matter what kind of camera they're using. We've tested it, and it provides zippy, consistent performance for transferring images to hard drives while in the field or at home.

Camera Lens Travel Mug

Ah, the travel camera lens mug, a true classic! This quirky gift is the perfect conversation starter for nature photographers who also love a good cup of joe. It looks just like a camera lens, which means they can trick friends into thinking they're drinking from their precious gear! It's useful for sipping hot beverages during early morning wildlife shoots or those all-nighter astrophotography shoots. Now that's a win-win! 📌 And here's a fun tip: pop a couple of disposable cameras inside as a surprise – because there's nothing like a bit of old-school photography to spark creativity!

TSA-Friendly Luggage Locks

TSA-friendly locks are a must-have for any jet-setting nature photographer. Why risk the heartache of having your precious equipment mishandled or, worse, lost in transit when a simple, sturdy lock can give you peace of mind? Plus, these locks won't ruffle any feathers at airport security either. They're designed to be easily opened by TSA agents using a universal master key, so your gear stays secure while still being TSA-compliant.

We particularly like this model for the flexible cable that can fit around different sized luggage zippers or latch set-ups. And here's a fun fact: they're also great for securing your snack stash from hungry travel buddies. (Hint: wanna give a gift that's a little more wow-inducing? Pair this with the Pelican case or camera bags we mention further down in this guide!)

Zeiss MicroFiber Lens Cleaning Cloths

A set of high-quality microfiber cloths makes for a fantastic and affordable gift for nature photographers. You can never have too many microfiber cloths, but you CAN have cloths that just don't quite live up to the task. Some are too thin, too small, or smear moisture rather than absorb it. These particular microfiber cloths from Zeiss are our absolute top choice. They're a great size, absorb moisture on the lens – like mist or rain drops – without streaking, and are soft so they never scratch the lens.

Zeiss Lens Cleaner

Lenses are delicate and you can't spray on any old chemical cleaner. This stuff is like magic in a bottle for nature photographers! It's their trusty sidekick when it comes to tackling those pesky dust specks or smears that can appear out of nowhere on a lens. One spritz and swipe, and their lens is as good as new, keeping their shots super crisp and clear. It may be a very practical gift, but it says, “Hey, I'm thoughtful because I know what you always need in your camera cleaning kit.”

Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case

The Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case is a fantastic gift for wildlife photographers who are tired of fumbling with memory cards in the field. This particular model of the sturdy, travel-ready cases can house several types of memory cards, making it a safe bet even if you're not sure what type of card your photographer friend uses. But, if you know their exact card type, you can find a Ruggard Leda case that's a snug fit for just those cards, so they can fit as many as six in a single case. Built for the rugged (or should we say “Ruggard”?) outdoors, this case can withstand rough conditions – the perfect companion for photographers who like to go off the beaten path. Trust us, your nature-loving friend's memory cards will thank you!

Wireless Cable Release

A wireless cable release is a fantastic gift for any nature photographer. It gives you the freedom to capture long exposure and time-lapse photos without having to physically touch the camera, eliminating the risk of shaky shots. It also gives you the opportunity to set up a camera for wildlife, where the animals can get close to the camera while you stay at a safe and ethical distance, firing off frames with that handy little trigger. So fun! We love both this PIXEL brand, and have also had success with the Vello Freewave.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: Ensure you're picking up the version that matches the brand of camera your photographer friend uses. You'll see options for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and so on.

Best Gifts for Wildlife Photographers

Photo: Pinkyone/Shutterstock

Wildlife Tracking Skills Book

A wildlife tracking skills book is a thoughtful gift for any nature photographer. It's like a photo book that doesn't just offer pretty pictures, but actually helps them make their own. By honing their ability to predict and understand animal behavior, they're positioned to capture truly unique and spectacular shots. It's an investment in their craft that says, “I believe in your passion and want to help you take it to the next level.”

There are several great books we recommend, but this one – Tracking and the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign – is at the top of the list. The author, Paul Rezendes, is both a nature photographer and tracking expert. Packed with illustrations and photos, this guide is a fantastic introduction to the art and science of finding wild critters to photograph.

Rite in Rain Bird Journal

A Rite in the Rain bird journal is fun and practical gift for a nature photographer. Not only can it withstand the elements, it's the perfect place to jot down sightings, behaviors, and patterns, helping any bird-loving photographer plan future shoots to get spectacular shots of species they're excited about. Plus, the durable, waterproof paper ensures that any recorded observations remain safe and legible, come rain or shine, making this journal an ideal companion for outdoor photography adventures.

Packable Ground Tarp

Having a tarp to put down as a barrier between you and your gear, and the damp or sandy ground is a little piece of luxury. Unlike traditional tarps, this waterproof wonder doesn't crinkle and fuss, making it a quiet companion for those whisper-quiet wildlife moments. It bundles up so small so it's easy to stash in your camera bag until you need it.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: Go for the earth tone or the vibrant orange, which are the best colors to use as nature photographers.

HotHands Hand Warmers

Yes, yes, we know these look like a potentially boring gift. But for any nature photography who spends hours out on cold mornings or crisp nights with their hands jammed in their pockets trying to keep fingers (or toes!) warm while waiting for the perfect shot, they'll open this gift and know you truly care. These little packets of warmth keep their fingers nimble and ready to snap that shutter button. Each packet lasts for several hours, and don't require any battery power whatsoever. Double-win!

Convertable Fingerless Mittens

Say hello to flexible fingertip freedom with convertible fingerless mittens – a perfect gift for nature photographers who need to adjust their camera settings or deal with a touch screen in chilly weather. These handy mitts keep your hands cozy while allowing you to quickly flip the tops back for precision work. What we love best about this set of gloves is the magnets hold the mitten portion in place so they aren't flopping around, and you can pop a heat pack (see above!) inside so when you replace the mitten over your chilled fingers, they're back to toasty right away.

Knee Pads

Knee Pads – an unexpected but thoughtful gift for the adventurous nature photographer! They allow for comfortable, prolonged kneeling – a must when capturing those ground-level shots of tiny critters or delicate flowers.
The knee pads shown above, by Timberland PRO, are perfect for inserting into Carhartt overalls (we'll get to those further down in this guide!) or pants with knee pad pockets. If strap-on knee pads are a better option, we like these NoCry Professional knee pads which are super durable and don't slide around. And of course, some folks prefer a simple garden knee pad like this one that you can throw in the back of the car for spur-of-the-moment photos!

Dry Bag


For the adventurous nature photographer who's not afraid to brave the elements, the Sea to Summit Dry Bag is an absolute lifesaver. Whether you're shooting from a kayak, canoeing down a river, or capturing a monsoon, this trusty bag will ensure your gear stays bone dry. The Sea to Summit brand is fantastic – these dry bags are rugged and last for ages.

📌 Tip for the gift-giver: If you're giving this to someone who uses larger telephoto lenses, opt for the bigger 20 or 35 liter bags. This will be big enough for the photographer to pop their camera with their long lens attached (plus other supplies) into the bag for safekeeping.

LensSack for photographing from the car

Using your car as a photo blind is a go-to technique in wildlife photography. But what make's it a far more enjoyable experience – and one that provides you with far more keeper photos – is having a bean bag to toss over the car door so you can use it as leverage for balancing your telephoto lens. We particularly love this option from Lenscoat. Made from heavy-duty water-resistant fabric, the LensSack includes a removable mounting plate for use with a a gimbal or ball head for even easier balancing and smooth panning. Plus it has locking zippers for easy filling and emptying of whatever material the photographer would like to use for filling (rice, beans, millet husks, etc). This gets two big thumbs up from us as a squee-inducing great gift!

Lenscoat Raincoat

Your photographer friend isn't the only thing that needs water-proof protection from the elements! The Lenscoat Raincoat is an absolute gear-saver for any nature photographer. It's like a sturdy umbrella for your camera-lens setup, guarding against rain, snow, salt spray, and even sand while still providing easy access to camera controls and lens. Plus it comes in various camo patterns!

Lenscoat LensHide Lightweight Blind

The Lenscoat LensHide Lightweight Blind is an absolute boon for the wildlife photographer who needs to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. It's like a cloak of invisibility in the wild, allowing photographers to capture the candid moments of nature without disturbing the peace. Because it's essentially a fitted piece of fabric, it'll conveniently roll up small for packing in the car or in a camera bag, which we love. Plus there's an expanded mesh window so you can easily see and breathe while behind the camera.

Tragopan Pop-Up Photo Blind

Photo by Marek Rybar/Shutterstock

The Pop-Up Photo Blinds from Tragopan are a snap to set up, making it a fantastic gift for both the budding photographer and professional photographer alike. This versatile piece of kit lets you pop into the perfect spot unnoticed, letting you and your lens become one with the wilderness. They're designed by professional bird photographers, and have amazing bells and whistles for both practicality and comfort.

Not sure which to get? We recommend checking out the Grouse V+ or the Tragopan V6. Or, if your photography pal is super in to waterfowl, check out their awesome floating blind!

Pelican Case for Traveling

The Pelican Case 1510 is nothing short of a fortress for your camera gear, making it an ideal gift for nature photographers who often venture into unpredictable environments. This durable, waterproof case will protect precious lenses and gadgets from the elements. But equally as fantastic is its build for traveling. It has sturdy wheels and a handle, and is sized to fit in overhead bin in airplanes so you know your gear is traveling as safely as possible. Plus, you can get it with a foam interior and customizable padded compartments. We love this case!

Best Clothes for Outdoor Photographers

Carhartt Overalls

Carhartt Overalls are SUCH a thoughtful gift for a nature photographer who isn't afraid to get down and dirty for that perfect shot. These overalls are not only durable and comfortable but are also equipped with multiple pockets for easy storage of lens caps, spare batteries, memory card cases and more. We adore the Carhartt brand, and these overall are comfortable, practical, and last for years! There are versions for men's fit here, and women's fit here. Plus, they have knee pockets so you can insert those