4 Best Smart Bird Feeders of 2024 (Plus How to Choose)

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A yellow birdhouse feeder hanging outdoors with a greenery backdrop.

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Updated: April 20, 2024
Feature photo by Bird Buddy
There are all sorts of creative and cool ways to explore bird photography, but today we’re covering one of our favorites: bird feeders!

Or, to be more precise, the very clever smart bird feeder camera.

These fun-filled devices merge bird feeding with photography by housing a camera inside bird feeders, capturing up-close views of our feathered friends as they stop by the Ol’ Bird Feeder Cafe.

From simple bird feeders to the more complex smart bird feeder camera that uses AI to identify birds, we’re here to help you sort through the best bird feeder cameras out there so you can enjoy bird watching the high-tech way!

Our picks at a glance

How we picked the best bird feeder cameras

We at Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy have extensive experience in wildlife photography. To choose the best recommendations for you, we combine personal experience, insights from fellow pros and industry experts, editorial and user reviews, and details from manufacturers. We carefully weigh the pros and cons of each item and put only what we feel is the best selection available into our recommendation guides.

We’ve curated a selection of bird feeder cameras meant to meet the needs of different goals and budgets. Factors we take into consideration include stills and video resolution, battery life, and more features that allow you to have the best birdie cam experience.

For advice on what to consider in a smart bird feeder camera and how to choose the right camera for you, use the table of contents to jump to those sections.


Best Bird Feeder Cameras: Our Reviews & Recommendations

1. Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder


  • 5MP with wide dynamic range
  • 720p to 1080p video
  • 120 degree field of view
  • Real-time visit notifications
  • Weather-resistant
  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection for storage
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with solar roof option
  • AI bird recognition
  • Smartphone app compatibility


The Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder features a 5MP camera with wide dynamic range that provides clear images of your birds visiting the feeder. Plus, its 120-degree field of view ensuring a comprehensive view of near-by happenings.

The standard power option is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 5-15 days, but it can also be plugged-in for constant streaming, plus there’s a solar roof option which we love about as much as the AI-feature that can identify the type of bird at the smart feeder!

The Bird Buddy app pairs with the Bird Buddy smart bird feeder. Images captured are automatically recognized and categorized by the app using AI technology. If you’re a fan of Merlin Bird ID, you’ll love this feature!

Beyond just cool images and bird ID, Bird Buddy really goes above and beyond to make this experience feel like a fun community to be part of. You can share your images to the Bird Buddy community, view birds at others’ feeders, and even invite friends and family to see who’s turning up for the party at your feeder.

It may be a premium price point, but ultimately it’s more than simply a bird feeder camera. It’s a bird viewing experience plus great community vibes!

One thing to note is that there’s no local storage, so you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. All-in-all, though, we can’t recommend Bird Buddy enough. So. Much. Fun!

You can read our deep-dive review of this feeder here.


2. Netvue Birdfy Bird Feeder Camera


  • 1920x1080p
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Wider perch options
  • Weatherproof design
  • AI recognition
  • Battery-powered with solar option
  • Hummee accessory to use as a hummingbird feeder


The Netvue Birdfy Bird Feeder is an impressive combination of an easy to refill bird feeder and a high-definition camera.

With its long battery life (only needing charging about once a month!), you can capture crisp and clear images of our feathered friends without worry of interruption.

And, if you’ve opted for the solar route, you won’t even need to worry about charging.

It offers bird notifications, live bird video, and a 30-day bird history.

As certified bird lovers though, what we’re most impressed by is that the Netvue Birdfy bird feeder can not only detect visiting birds, but can recognize them and send a notification of who’s hanging out! At least, most of the time. The AI recognition isn’t perfect, but it’s a great feature if you’re new to learning your local birds.

This ID capability is extra-fantastic because the Birdfy can be extra-customized to attract various species thanks to different add-on perches that can be used to attract different types of birds.

If you’re primarily interested in hummingbirds, you can attach the Hummee Extension. Or, if you want to attract basically every bird around, go for the Pro Perch Extension, which includes add-ons for suet blocks, fruit, or humming bird nectar.

We love how customizable this is for attracting who you want to see in your yard!

Of course, if you want to save a little money, you can skip the AI recognition and add-ons, and simply go with the Birdfy Lite model.

While the lack of included storage might be a drawback, its high-resolution imaging, robust battery life, and smart bird recognition capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for bird enthusiasts.

You can read our deep-dive review of this feeder here.


3. Technaxx TX-165 Full HD Birdcam Feeder


  • 8MP
  • 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor
  • Full HD 1080p video resolution
  • 940nm LEDs for night recording
  • 2″ to 6″ lens focus
  • 100 degree field of view
  • 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Slow motion videos
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 4 AA batteries last up to six months
  • Weather-resistant


If you want a no-cutesy-stuff, budget-friendly experience, with a side of trail cam vibe, this is the feeder for you.

The Technaxx TX-165 Full HD Birdcam Feeder is not just a bird feeder, but an impressive camera. With its 8MP resolution, 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor, and full HD 1080p video resolution. This bird feeder camera allows you to capture all the action in the bird world, from rapid wing flaps to the beautiful display of feathers, day and night.

During the night, the infrared LEDs will turn on automatically, providing necessary light for taking pictures/videos. This makes it possible to take pictures at a distance of 50cm without overexposure.

The built-in microphone and speaker make your experience even more immersive, capturing the unique sounds of the bird world (while also letting you verbally shoo off any unwanted visitors).


4. Solium BF08 Solar Smart Bird Feeder


  • HD 1080p
  • Full-color night vision
  • Cloud storage for up to three days; can be extended with a subscription or saved on the included 32G card
  • 5200mAh rechargeable battery plus included 5W solar panel
  • AI recognition of over 10,000 species
  • Share moments through the Solium app
  • Durable metal design


Designed with an AI camera, Solium BF08 Solar Smart Bird Feeder can recognize thousands of bird species. You’re basically set – no matter where you are in the world – for being able to ID most if not all the birds that visit.

The clever AI technology is coupled with the feeder’s high-resolution camera and Wi-Fi HD video live streaming, providing a 24/7 bird-watching experience. Upon detecting birds at the feeder, it automatically captures and records videos, then sends real-time notifications with high-resolution snapshots to your phone via the Soliom Pro app.

Plus, with its durable metal design, it serves as a sturdy feeding station for birds so you can count on birds returning for more snacks – and more shots for you!


DIY your bird feeder camera!

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself-er, another option is to use security cameras to construct your own bird feeder camera. You can build your own housing or purchase something like the Wasserstein Bird Feeder Case which is compatible with Blink, Wyze, and Ring security cameras.


Security Camera Options

❂ Wyze Cam Outdoor v2: From Wyze cameras, this 1080p full HD camera offers includes night vision and two-way audio – we won’t judge you for chatting with the birds. It has a built-in battery, providing wire-free installation anywhere around your property, and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

❂  Blink Outdoor Camera 4: The Blink Outdoor battery-powered security camera is designed to withstand the elements while providing high-quality video. With features such as motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way audio, you can keep on eye on the scene day and night from anywhere through the Blink app! It’s compatible with both Alexa and IFTTT.

❂ Ring Stick Up Cam: The Ring Stick Up Cam is perfect for a bird feeder camera. It offers 1080p HD video, night vision capabilities, two-way audio, and motion detection alerts. This device can be powered by either a rechargeable battery, plugged into a power outlet for wired use, or through a solar panel!

❂ Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera: At the premium end of the market, this camera boasts 4K resolution with HDR, color night vision, and a 180-degree view. It also offers two-way audio, allowing bird enthusiasts to listen in on bird calls and songs and its Wi-Fi connectivity allows for live streaming and sharing.

Trail Camera Options

Another option is incorporating a trail camera into a bird feeder. Trail cameras are typically used by hunters or wildlife researchers to monitor animal movements in the wild, but there’s no reason birdwatchers can’t use them as a bird camera!

Trail cameras utilize motion sensing technology to trigger recording when an animal is within range, plus they often feature night vision capabilities, allowing for continuous monitoring regardless of the time of day.

Bird-specific trail cameras are another option you could set up inside of or near a bird feeder. The Wingscapes BirdCam with its 42MP resolution, adjustable focus ring, and 70 ft detection range and 80 ft flash range is an excellent option.

When deciding between DIY and ready-built bird feeder cameras, consider your technical skills and specific needs.

While DIY solutions offer customization and can be a cost-effective choice, they demand technical know-how and time for setup. In contrast, ready-built cameras provide convenience with features like high resolution, automatic recording, and species recognition, optimized for an effortless bird-watching experience.

Recommended: Check out our guide to our favorite trail cameras for help on finding the just-right DIY option for you!

Photo: Bird Buddy

What exactly is a bird feeder camera?

You’ve probably already got the gist of it by now, it never hurts to clarify things if the idea of adding a camera to your bird feeder routine is brand new to you.

Bird feeder cameras are a bird feeder with a built in camera set up to capture images and video footage of visiting birds.

These smart bird feeders include not only a camera, but features like motion detection to alert the camera to start shooting and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can check in and watch birds from just about anywhere!

Smart feeders like these are a stellar blend of technology and nature, bringing us invaluable insights into feeding patterns, social interactions, and even mating rituals.


Bird feeder camera features

Here are some feeder features to guide you on your quest to find the best bird feeder camera for you!

1. Image quality

If you want to get shots of backyard birds, you will need a camera. And, if you’re going to use a camera, you’ll want good image quality, right? Of course!

While some bird feeder cameras have better image quality than others, all generally have a high enough resolution to record details such as unique color patterns, textures, and markings.

Some bird feeders even offer adjustable resolution settings, giving you the flexibility to choose between higher quality footage or longer recording times.

2. Field of view

A wide field of view helps capture a broader perspective in and around the bird feeder camera. In monitoring a larger area, you increase the chances of capturing interesting activity and gaining a better understanding of the context of bird behaviors.

Birds don’t operate in isolation; they interact with each other, their environment, and other species! An expanded view can capture these interactions, providing valuable insights into inter-species behavior, predator-prey dynamics, or territorial disputes.

3. Motion detection

When a bird lands on the feeder, the sensor in the camera detects the change and triggers the recording function. This means that the camera doesn’t need to be recording continuously, conserving storage space and battery life.

The motion detection feature helps document frequent bird visits without having to sift through hours of empty footage.

Some bird feeder cameras allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector to help avoid false triggers from small movements like leaves blowing in the wind, while some advanced models offer selective motion detection, where you can designate specific areas within the camera’s field of view, ensuring that you capture the activity that matters most to you.

4. Night vision

Night vision enables you to observe the activities of nocturnal birds, offering a perspective on behaviors that typically hidden in the dark.

At night, when there’s minimal light, the camera uses built-in LEDs to emit infrared light, which is invisible to birds and humans but is picked up by the camera’s sensor, allowing it to capture clear, detailed images and videos even in complete darkness!

(You can also try a supplemental infrared illuminator to increase the clarity of your camera’s night vision.)

5. Weatherproofing

As an outdoor camera, it’s probably pretty obvious how important weatherproofing is. Cameras without this may be susceptible to damage from rain, snow, or even extreme heat, while weather-resistant cameras can even handle humidity and drastic temperature changes, preventing condensation that can fog up the lens or damage the internal electronics.

A weatherproof design ensures that the camera can endure diverse weather conditions, providing uninterrupted bird-watching, come rain or come shine, all year round.

6. Wi-Fi connectivity

With advanced connectivity options, you can live stream footage right to your smart phone or tablet, allowing real-time viewing of your feathered visitors, plus automatic uploading of videos and images to your device or cloud storage.

With the camera connected to your home network, you can have real-time access from wherever you’re connected!

Imagine being at work or on vacation, and still being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of visiting birds.

Wi-Fi extenders can help if your bird feeder is situated a bit farther from your home, ensuring a stable and strong internet connection for livestreaming or remote viewing.

7. Battery life

Battery life on bird feeder cameras can vary greatly depending on the model and its features.

Standard models can typically run for a few months on a single set of batteries, while more advanced models with high-resolution imaging, continuous video recording, or Wi-Fi connectivity will likely have a shorter battery life.

Some bird feeder cameras are equipped with a solar panel that can prolong battery life significantly, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The Bird Buddy feeder, for example, comes with a solar roof option.

8. Artificial intelligence

AI has found its way into many a smart bird feeder camera, adding another layer of sophistication to bird watching.

Advanced models offer features like species identification, where the AI is trained to recognize different types of birds and can automatically tag them in the footage. This can be greatly beneficial for birders looking to track specific species.

Some bird feeders even have intelligent alert systems, which can notify you when a desired or rare bird species is spotted. This blends machine learning and bird watching in a way that allows for personalized, targeted bird observation.

AI technology also aids in reducing false alarms by differentiating between bird movements and other motion activity, ensuring you only capture the moments that matter most to you.

What about app compatibility?

Some bird feeder camera models offer smartphone app compatibility to help identify bird species, allowing you to not only peek in on the action from afar but also to control camera settings remotely.

You can adjust resolution, activate or modify motion detector parameters, and even receive alerts when activity is happening at your feeder.

Test out companion apps to the smart feeder you’ve opted for, like Green Feathers or Bird Buddy’s companion app’s, or other birding apps like Merlin Bird ID or iBird Pro.

While those don’t directly pair with a feeder camera, it’s a fantastic tool for identifying the birds at your feeder.

Photo: Bird Buddy

What about bird house cameras? Or bird bath cameras?

Yes, to both! Just like bird feeder cameras, bird nest cameras and bird bath cameras allow us even more insight into the world of birds.

Like with a feeder camera, you can purchase a one specifically made for those locations or fashion one on your own.

Bird house cameras provide a unique and intimate view into the lives of nesting birds. These compact, weather-proof devices can be installed within birdhouses, capturing high-quality video and audio of nesting birds, their hatching process, and early life of fledglings. Just be extra aware and careful about how you install and monitor one so that you never disturb nesting birds.

Bird bath cameras offer an enchanting way to observe birds in their most relaxed and playful state. They are typically installed near or under bird baths, capturing birds frolicking and cooling off.

Trail cams like the SpyPoint Flex G-36 or GardePro A3 Trail Camera are often used, with their robust waterproof design and advanced features like HD video and wide-angle lenses.

How to choose the best birder feeder camera for you

Bird feeder cameras are an innovative tool that offer unprecedented opportunities to delve into the lives of birds. The best bird feeder cameras are the ones that give you insight into their world with ease and joy.

When choosing the right camera, consider what matters most to you: image quality, AI technology, app compatibility, storage options – maybe you want all the bells and whistles that allow you notifications with high quality images from anywhere or maybe you just want to check in while having your morning coffee.

Remember, the best bird feeder camera for you depends on your personal bird-watching goals. So, make sure you prioritize the features that will enhance your experience the most.

The perfect bird feeder camera for you depends on your personal goals and preferred features.

Whether you decide on a DIY or a ready-built option, the joy of bird-watching awaits you. Equip yourself with a bird feeder camera and get ready to connect with nature in a whole new way!


Jaymi Heimbuch


Jaymi Heimbuch is a wildlife conservation photographer, photo editor, and instructor. She is the founder of Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy ®, and is the host of Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast. Her photography and writing have appeared in outlets such as National Wildlife, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, and National Geographic. She is Senior Photo Editor of Ranger Rick magazine.

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