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There’s nothing like an incredible photograph to get folks stirred up.

Imagine creating beautiful images – or, even better, jaw-dropper photo stories – that inspire people to care about wilderness and the wild things that call this planet home.

What we see, we understand.
What we understand, we love.
What we love, we protect.

And nature photographs are the driving force for positive change.

You can craft the visual stories that make all the difference while also fulfilling your creative passion and love of being behind the camera.

Hi, I’m Jaymi Heimbuch, founder of Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy.

With 14+ years of experience as a wildlife conservation photographer and photo editor, I’m here to help you master the art of nature photography, visual storytelling, and getting your photos into the world where they can inspire audiences, spark conversation, and make a meaningful impact for you and our wild world!




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“Conservation photography is photography with a purpose. It is about what you DO with your images to bring attention, understanding, and action to environmental issues.”

– Jaymi Heimbuch 

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