Guide to Conservation Photography

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If you've landed on this page, it means you're interested in learning more about how you can use your love of photography to help bring awareness and action around the environmental issues you care most about. We love that about you!

Conservation photographers use the power of photos and visual storytelling to make positive change happen. From inspiring interest among your neighbors about backyard wildlife to sparking community-led movements, to saving entire habitats or getting species on the Endangered Species List, the power YOU have to help is limitless.

And we've put together this guide to help you unleash it.

If you're brand new to this niche, we suggest reading each chapter in order. If you're already familiar with conservation photography, jump to the chapter that'll help you most today. Enjoy!


Jaymi Heimbuch


Jaymi Heimbuch is a wildlife conservation photographer, photo editor, and instructor. She is the founder of Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy ®, and is the host of Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast. Her photography and writing have appeared in outlets such as National Wildlife, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, and National Geographic. She is Senior Photo Editor of Ranger Rick magazine.