Calling all nature photographers
ready to inspire audiences and save the world while you're at it: 


What's Your Secret Visual Storyteller Style?

Feeling the call do more with your photos, find deeper meaning in your creative work & spark change for the wildlife causes you care most about? 

Your power to inspire + make an impact is NOT in making single stand-alone shots… it actually lies in the visual stories you tell.

And your photography storyteller style is ready to be let loose in the wild! 

Take the quiz to discover your super-strengths as a conservation-focused photographer (*ahem* visual storyteller!) AND get a custom action plan based on your results so you can lean into your unique storyteller style for clarity + momentum.

Whether you dream of protecting wildlife in your community or snapping stories for National Geographic, let's get the wheels in motion to reach your world-changing goals.


I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

Conservation photographer | Naturalist | Instructor


I help conservation photographers and filmmakers reach their BIGGEST creative goals through my online courses, workshops and coaching at Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy ®.