The Nature Photographer's

52 Week Creativity Kit

A year of weekly bite-sized nature photography concepts and challenges that strengthen your camera skills and provide endless inspiration.

Everything you need to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Before I tell you all about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

You're a right fit for The Nature Photographer's 52 Weeks Creativity Kit if you're passionate about capturing the beauty of the wild, eager to elevate your skills, and crave having a system that provides continuous growth and inspiration.

Whether you're a beginner wanting foundational guidance or an advanced photographer looking to break through creative plateaus, this course is designed to ignite your passion and transform your approach to nature photography.

If You Are…

A beginner photographer just learning your camera, who knows that having small, manageable, consistent lessons you can practice around home is the key to finally decoding the mystery of the exposure triangle and alllllll those buttons (even the one that says “manual”).

A nature photographer who's hit a creative dry patch, feeling like your images have lost their zest… and you've lost your old go-get-'em spirit. You're hunting for that invigorating jolt of inspiration to rejuvenate your artistic vision, and know you need an inspirational kick in the pants to get you back on track.

An intermediate photographer tired of struggling with composition and turning what you're seeing in front of you into an equally beautiful photo. You're searching for that “wow” factor in your shots, but instead your photos keep falling flat…like pancakes. Not the fluffy, golden kind. More like the rubbery, “oops-I-forgot-the-baking-powder” kind.

A time-strapped nature photographer juggling 1,001 daily tasks, and feeling like your cherished photography passion is being squeezed out of your overcrowded schedule. You're yearning to reclaim that creative space in your life, yet you're struggling to find the time. You know that having something specific to work on in a doable amount of time will help you get your photography practice back in the priority seat.

You're in the right place!

This course gives you the tools and inspiration to invigorate your creative vision, master your camera, and consistently capture breathtaking photos that truly reflect the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

No more creative ruts or meh shots.

Just a year full of discovery, growth, and stunning photographs.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

Muscle memory of creative techniques you can call to mind instantly when behind the camera

A clear sense of your own personal style as a nature photographer

Mastery of the “rules” and the confidence to push those creative boundaries in thrilling, fulfilling ways

A library of ideas you can lean on in any situation – from tackling tough lighting to composition strategies, to fresh approaches to commonly photographed subjects

A revived creative energy that keeps you excited to pick up your camera every day

A routine for working photography into your schedule, no matter how busy you get

Say goodbye to boredom, intimidation and confusion.

Let's spark your creativity and develop a structured, effective learning plan tailored to your busy schedule.


The Nature Photographer's

52 Week Creativity Kit

A year of weekly bite-sized nature photography concepts and challenges that strengthen your camera skills and provide endless inspiration.

Give yourself the all-in-one solution to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Choose the plan that's right for you

What's Inside the 52 Week Creativity Kit

Here's what's waiting for you inside your student portal

+ Streaming Video Lessons: Dive in right away with course videos at your fingertips. No downloading needed. One new video per week is automatically added for a year of consistent growth.

+ PDF Worksheets: Download and print out journal pages to help you track ideas and progress.

+ Student Group: Immediate BONUS access to our exclusive student group where you can get feedback, inspiration and community from fellow students.

+ Bonus Materials, Games & More

Mobile and tablet-friendly content for learning at your desk or on the go

Accessible learning format – video with closed captions and transcripts.

Revisit lessons as often as you'd like. The materials are yours for life.

 A positive, supportive learning environment that keeps you focused

Through 5 phases over 52 weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply a variety of photography techniques
  • Expand composition skills
  • Explore subjects with depth
  • Find your personal photography style

And gain a toolbox of strategies and ideas that pop up like second nature so you're consistently crafting brilliant photos, even during lunch-break photo outings.

⎯    The 5 Phases   


In this phase, you'll learn how to explore the magic of light, color and shadow using exposure, depth of field, and focus. And, we unravel the mysteries behind those camera settings that you've always wondered about. Even if you already feel you have a handle on techniques, trust me you're going to have fun exploring them with fresh eyes.


In this phase, you'll delve deep into the art of framing and portraying your subject in the most compelling way. You'll discover how to use lines, shapes, and perspectives to create dynamic images that hold a viewer's attention, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs.


In this phase, you take a deep dive into how to think about concepts and subjects to find fresh ways of seeing, and turning thoughts or emotions about a scene into photographs. From the tiniest insect to the grandest mountain, you'll learn how to capture the essence of every subject that nature presents you with.


In this phase, you'll uncover your unique perspective as a nature photographer. You'll delve into the elements that define your personal style, learning to recognize and cultivate these aspects in your work. This phase empowers you to create images that truly represent your vision, standing out in a sea of nature photographs.


In this phase, you'll learn how to select and organize your images with different strategies in mind, so you'll know how to present your work in a way that truly reflects your journey and growth as a nature photographer. This stage will teach you how to critically analyze your work, make wise choices about which photos to showcase, and to arrange them for maximum impact. It's all about refining your portfolio and letting your best work shine.

Each week for a full year, you'll receive:

A video walking you through a Creatvitivy Concept, with clarification on how it enhances your photo skills

A step-by-step guide to successfully implementing the concept, plus printable journal pages for tracking your ideas, inspiration, and progress

Example photos for inspiration, including pointers about the examples so you understand what works and what doesn't

Pro tips that help you take each concept to the next level when you're ready

Includes a never-fall-behind structure with bonus access to an inspiring student-led community for feedback and ideas.

Tips and tricks to make the most out of your creative time behind the camera

By the end of this course, you'll have built an impressive portfolio, acquired a robust skill set applicable in any situation, and gained confidence in your abilities to produce stunning photographs.

Best of all…

You’ll be able to SEE creative images in any situation you walk into and know exactly HOW to translate that into the final photograph.

Zero Limitations

This course is designed to be perfect for anyone, anywhere, and with any DSLR or mirrorless camera.

It doesn't matter what season it is, where you are located, what subject matter is around you, or what your budget looks like. You'll be able to head out each week to photograph the Creativity Concepts.

The weekly Creativity Concepts build on one another, so you can start at any level (from zero to advanced!) and learn through implementation and layering of skills

Give yourself the all-in-one solution to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Learn from a Professional Photographer & Photo Editor

Hi, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

jaymi heimbuch waving hello

I’ve been a professional wildlife conservation photographer for over 14 years, and am a photo editor for nature-focused publications. Equal to my passion of pursuing photo stories is my joy of teaching others and helping YOU attain your greatest creative goals.

My journey to creating this course originates from a place of shared struggle. Because I've been there… trapped in frustrating creative ruts, wrestling with the constraints of busy calendars, and juggling the frustrations of how exactly to make a photo actually look like what I see in front of me.

Getting past those moments and into your creative flow is hard!

At every level of growth, you're simultaneously learning how to work your camera while learning to see. And you're trying to juggle time for your creative passion with everything else you've going on in life.

I saw a need for a solution that goes beyond – way beyond – anything available on random project prompts you never actually do, or creativity challenges that fall flat.

I am all about building strategies that minimize overwhelm, spiraling, and stagnation so you can gain momentum. Because what you do with your photography talents matters!

So I created this energizing, year-long adventure designed to nurture a consistent creativity practice for nature photographers. It's all about breaking old barriers and making creativity an everyday practice.

I took everything I love about the learning experience – including practical explanations, clear guidance, and creative flexibility – and built a course designed to engage you, inspire you, and guide you towards achieving those big, bold goals you have for your photography.

I'm so excited to see what you create over the next 52 weeks!

Give yourself the all-in-one solution to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Choose the plan that's right for you

 ⎯   PLUS   

When you enroll now, you'll also receive these value-packed BONUSES

Lifetime Access to Course Materials

Once you're a student, the course materials are yours for life. And, every time this course is revised, expanded or improved, you will get those updates free of charge for as long as this courses exists.

Value: $297

Access to Our Exclusive Student Community!

Build your momentum even faster with the conversation, feedback and inspiration inside our student-led community. With members around the world, you can find answers to your questions, make new friends and fuel each other's passions for nature photography.

Value: $497

This is WAAAY more than some 52-week project.

For beginner photographers, it’s a foundations-building course with bite-sized steps so you see rapid progress.

For advanced photographers, it forms new muscle memory for creative thinking, deepening your skills so you can come up with fresh angles and approaches on the fly.

It is NOT some lame-o list of random subjects or topics to photograph that leave you creatively uninspired, unmotivated, and unsure of even how to photograph that lame-o idea in the first place.

Each week is a mini-lesson with a crystal clear focus plus a process-oriented approach that ensures you’re running out the door with your camera every week stoked for what you’re creating.

It's Your Zero-Pressure Photography Course

Don’t worry if you have to miss a week or two. Life happens, and that's why this course is designed so that you can simply pick up where you left off. You have lifetime access to the course, so you can go at your own pace and revisit weekly creativity concepts whenever you want.

Give yourself the all-in-one solution to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Choose the plan that's right for you

What this course REALLY means for you

Picture this… 

You have the ability to create photographs exactly as you see them in your mind. This isn't just about clicking a button; it's about capturing moments in a way that reflects your unique perspective.

You have that excitement of picking up your camera every day, full of fresh ideas and creative energy. You know down to your bones that your photography is more – much more – than just capturing images; it's about using your camera as a tool to express your creativity and viewpoint.

Now, envision yourself confidently managing any lighting conditions you might encounter outdoors.

You're not just snapping what shots you can manage with what you've got and hoping for the best (and maybe a healthy dose of Lightroom and Topaz magic to fix it all).

Nope. NOW you're thinking on your feet and looking excitedly at the light, the subject, the movement – they're all ingredients that you're mixing and matching to create something spectacular.

It's quite a thrill, right?

The power to turn everyday scenes into extraordinary works of art is literally at your fingertips.

In this course, we make this ⬆️ vision a reality.

You'll discover how to establish a routine that integrates photography into your daily life, freeing you from the restraints of monotony, hesitation, and fear.

And you'll be encouraged to take creative risks, push your boundaries, and continually develop as a nature photographer.

If you're ready to…

  • Be inspired to pick up your camera every day
  • Feel empowered with creative control over your photographs
  • Revel in the excitement of creative energy and freedom of expression
  • Enjoy confidence in tackling difficult lighting situations out in the field
  • Create a routine to easily fit photography into your lifestyle
  • Break free of boredom and intimidation, and take exciting creative risks with your photos

Then I can't wait to see you inside the 52 Week Creativity Kit!

Get the tool kit that kicks creative blocks to the curb, where you go from unsure, fumbling, or frustrated in how to photograph a scene, to confidently bringing an innovative eye and savvy approaches to every situation.

You might be wondering…

How is the course delivered? Do I get all 52 lessons at once?

When you enroll, you get access to a set of starter goodies that kick off your year of creativity with a bang, including the first week's Creativity Concept!

So, the second you enroll, you get to dive into the learning.

Then, each week, one new video with a fresh Creativity Concept is unlocked. 

For a full year, you get a weekly dose of creative happiness: 

  • A new creativity concept, complete with examples and how to implement it
  • Pro tips that help you take the concept to the next level when you're ready
  • Tips and tricks to make the most of the time you spend behind the camera
  • And so much more to enjoy the journey of building your creativity toolkit. 

And with lifetime access to the course materials, you can return to the videos again and again to revisit ideas and keep your creative fire stoked 🔥!

What if I have to miss a week or a few? Will I fall behind?

Simply put: Falling behind is not something you need to worry about. The 52 Week Creativity Kit is designed to suit your schedule and pace. 

If you need to miss a week or two, you can simply pick up where you left off when you're ready.

You have lifetime access to all the course materials, including any future updates, so you can move through the course at your own pace.

Whether you go on a vacation, get busy with work, or just feel like taking a break, the course will always be here waiting for you.

The beauty of this course is it's designed to fit seamlessly into your life. If you find a few weeks have piled up and you haven't photographed the concept, no worries!

This flexibility allows you to learn and progress at a pace that suits you best, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience.

So, even if life gets in the way, your journey to becoming a better photographer remains uninterrupted.

How much time does this take a week? Exactly how long are those "bite-sized" weekly videos?

Trust me, I soooo empathize with a busy schedule and fitting nature photography in where you can.

That's why I created this to be doable even if you only have an hour or two a week.

The goal is to make photography a constant part of your life, not an overwhelming task.

In terms of the “bite-sized” weekly videos, they are typically between 5-10 minutes long. This allows you to easily fit them into your schedule and watch them whenever it's most convenient for you.

However, don't let the short length fool you – these videos are packed with valuable information and actionable tips that will help you improve your photography skills. This approach ensures you're able to understand the main ideas quickly, leaving you more time to put theory into practice.

Of course, you can ALWAYS commit more time if you have it, but you'll see growth and progress with even just 30-60 minutes behind the camera each week.

So, even if you have a busy schedule, this course will fit into your lifestyle without adding extra stress or pressure.

Will I get lost in confusing jargon and complicated photography concepts?

We check jargon and intimidation at the door! I’m all about providing actionable information that anyone, at any experience level, can understand and implement. This course is designed to ensure you grasp the information as quickly as possible so you can get out there and do big things.

Do I have to have a certain kind of camera to take this course?

Absolutely not! The 52 Week Creativity Kit is designed to be compatible with any DSLR or mirrorless camera that allows manual mode. This course is about enhancing your skills and creativity, rather than focusing on specific equipment. As long as your camera permits manual mode (and don't worry, there are work-arounds if manual mode isn't for you!), you'll be able to fully participate and benefit from the course. The aim is to harness your existing resources to create compelling photographs and develop your individual style.

Do I have to have fancy lenses or special equipment

Not at all! To successfully navigate this course, all you need is a camera, a lens, and a positive, can-do attitude. We focus on developing your skills and creativity, not on the type of equipment you use. While a tripod might be helpful for certain shoots, it is not a necessity for this course. As you progress through the concepts, we'll suggest any extra gear you might want to experiment with. But remember, it's not the equipment that makes a great photographer – it's the vision, skill, and passion behind the lens. So, don't worry about fancy lenses or expensive equipment – just bring your camera and an eagerness to learn!

Do I need to be at a certain skill level?

No, you do not need to be at any specific skill level! The 52 Week Creativity Kit is meticulously designed for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned photographer looking to enhance your creative instincts, this course will provide valuable insights and actionable techniques. If you're willing to dive in and learn, this course has something for everyone. So grab your camera and get ready to explore the world of photography like never before!

What if I don’t have access to “nature” all the time?

Not a problem at all! The 52 Week Creativity Kit is applicable to any setting you find yourself in. While nature photography is a focus, the skills and concepts you will learn are transferable to a variety of environments. If you have a yard, a nearby park or green belt, great! But even if you don't, you can practice on anything from pets to potted plants. This course is designed to enhance your observational skills and creativity, helping you to see photographic opportunities in places you'd least expect. So, even if you don't have constant access to nature, you can still fully reap the benefits of this course.

Are lessons just for wildlife? Or just for landscapes?

Nope! Each lesson is designed to be applicable to a wide range of subjects – be it animal, vegetable, or mineral. While certain lessons might be easier to apply specifically to wildlife or specifically to landscapes, the key concepts are universally transferable, making them adaptable to any photographic scenario. So, whether you prefer flowers, insects, birds, mammals, vistas, or that cool rock over there, you'll be set.

Does it matter what season it is when I get to a certain lesson?

Not at all! The beauty of the 52 Week Creativity Kit is its flexibility and adaptability to any time of the year. Each lesson is designed to be applicable regardless of the season. So, no matter when you reach a particular lesson, you can dive right in and start learning!

Do I have to go anywhere special to be able to do the assignments?

Nope! The 52 Week Creativity Kit is designed so that you can do the assignments right from the comfort of your home or your local surroundings. Be it your backyard, local park or even your living room, each place offers unique opportunities to practice and enhance your photography skills. So, no need for special trips or locations – your journey to becoming a better photographer can start right from where you are!

What if I'm not happy with the training? Can I get a refund?

Because of the immediate access to digital materials that are part of this course, no refunds will be granted for any reason. That said, with the depth of information this course provides, along with BONUS goodies such as the commeraderie of the student group, I'm certain you'll be fired up to grab your camera and put everything you learn into practice!

Sounds amazing - can you remind me what all I get when I enroll?

Absolutely! When you enroll in the 52 Week Creativity Kit, you jump right into video lessons designed to get you started with clarity and momentum.

You also get the first week's Creativity Concept right away so you can grab your camera and go, go, go!

Then each week, you'll receive a new video lesson that walks you though a unique, fun-filled concept or challenge that advances your nature photography skills.

The course also includes a downloadable weekly journal sheet where you can track your ideas and progress.

But of course there’s a whole lot more that you’ll get alongside this course right now!

Let’s peruse those bonuses again!

The Nature Photographer's 52 Week Creativity Kit


The 52 Week Creativity Kit course with video lessons, pro tips for advanced techniques, step-by-step guides for implementing new concepts, momentum-boosting games and more!
(Value: $297)

Bonus #1:

Lifetime access to the course, including ALL future updates. Every time this course is revised, expanded or improved, you will get those updates free of charge for as long as this course exists.
(Value: $297)

Bonus #2:

Access to our exclusive student community for feedback and inspiration. This is where you can share insights, get constructive feedback, and draw inspiration from each other's work. It's where questions are celebrated, creativity is nurtured, and unique visions are appreciated. Being part of this community means you'll never feel alone in your journey. You'll have peers who share your passion, understand your challenges, and celebrate your victories. It's a massive bonus that you receive with enrollment right now.
(Value: $497)

Total value of what you receive is over $1,090

Your investment is a fraction of that.

For the same amount as what you'd spend on a latte each week, you get exponential growth as a nature photographer.

If You're thinking:
“This sounds awesome but I'm not sure just yet…”
keep reading…

You should invest in this course if you're motivated by any of the following:


You want to feel like creativity isn't hard

Maybe you've been told or led to believe that creativity is a trait only a lucky few are born with, or that it's a complex skill that's difficult to master. Maybe you're in a creative rut and picking up the camera feels harder than benchpressing a horse.

With the 52 Week Creativity Kit, we're on a mission to demonstrate that creativity is not only accessible but an inherent, always-accessible part of us all. This course is designed to make creativity feel less like an elusive talent and more like a natural, enjoyable process.

Each lesson is structured to gradually build your confidence, encouraging you to explore, experiment, and embrace your creative instincts.

So if you're someone who wants to feel like creativity is not an uphill battle, but an exciting journey, this course is just right for you!


You're not afraid of pushing yourself to new levels

You've always had a knack for seeing the world through a unique lens. But you've held yourself back, wondering if you have the right equipment, the perfect location, or enough expertise.

The truth is, you're not afraid of taking the leap into the world of advanced photography. You're just waiting for the right moment, the right push. We're here every step of the way, helping you navigate through the what-ifs so you find your stride.

This course is designed to meet you where you're at and take you where you want to go.


You recognize that mastering anything requires structured learning and practice

The path to becoming a proficient nature photographer isn't through random tutorials or sporadic shooting sessions, but through a systematic approach designed to progressively improve your skills. The 52 Week Creativity Kit is precisely that – a structured, step-by-step guide that provides you with the tools and techniques you need to grow as a photographer.

You're not looking for quick fixes or shortcuts; you're committed to a journey of learning and growth – and this course is your compass, guiding you through every stage of your photographic journey.

Give yourself the all-in-one solution to build your creative muscle memory so you can consistently and easily translate what you see and experience in nature to the final photograph.

Choose the plan that's right for you

If you're ready to

make your photography a joyful habit, build your skills and begin an exciting, transformative journey that changes not only how you photograph nature but also how you see the world, then there's no better time than now to join the 52 Week Creativity Kit.

Let's kickstart your adventure today!