Are you ready to do something BIG with your photography and get your work in front of audiences so that you can inspire people to go outside and appreciate nature?


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I’m Jaymi Heimbuch

Wildlife Conservation Photographer
Photo Editor | Naturalist | Instructor


I teach purpose-driven nature and wildlife photographers how to grow both their camera skills and visual storytelling skills so they can make an impact for the places and species they love.

I specialize in nature conservation photography education and photo storytelling. My goal is to provide photographers with everything they need to hit all their wildest aspirations!

Here at Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy, we provide top-level courses and educational programs for photographers and filmmakers who love nature, conservation and science communication.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast with a budding joy of documenting the world with your camera, or a creative on the professional track…

We make it easy for you to learn and grow quickly.

There’s nothing like a good story…

… especially one with pictures, to get folks stirred up enough to care, to act. And my goodness, do we ever we need to take smarter actions, and fast.

As a species and as individuals, we are capable of it…as long as we feel a compelling reason.

Photographs help illuminate that reason.

Sure, I love making pretty images. But it’s the purposeful story a photograph can tell, and the result that story can have, that really fires me up.

That’s what I’m thinking about whenever I pick up a camera.

I also believe that each and every passionate nature photographer out there has it in them to craft visual stories that matter, that inspire smarter decision-making locally and globally.

Sometimes you just need an outside nudge to get that seed of badassness to sprout and grow.

I like to give those nudges.

That’s why I founded Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy.

I help nature-loving photographers gain the tools and skills to do the work we all need done – epic visual stories that inspire appreciation for this blue dot we all inhabit.

My love of visual stories and teaching has a long background.

I’ve spent the better part of two decades working as a writer, photographer, and photo editor for top-tier environmentally-focused websites, then as a full-time conservation photographer, and currently, I run the Academy while working as Senior Photo Editor of Ranger Rick magazine.

Some of the places my photography has been published:

  • National Geographic
  • Scholastic Books
  • Heyday Books
  • Outdoor Photographer Magazine
  • Audubon Magazine
  • Sierra Magazine
  • National Wildlife Magazine
  • Discovery Communications websites
  • and others
  • Recipient of a National Geographic Expeditions Council grant for my project on urban coyotes (More about Urban Coyote Initiative can be found here >>)

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With years of experience under my belt, it is my joy to share hard-won knowledge with you so you can find success as quickly as possible – whatever your version of success may look like.

Enough about me. This space is built for you, so let’s dive in!

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