To the curious nature photographer wanting to grow your skills and spend more time in the wild…

Crack the code on your creative roadblocks so you can hop into the express lane for the next level of your nature photography with:

The Full Frame Ecosystem Assessment

When it comes to your passion for photographing the wild, nothing should stand in your way.

This 2-minute assessment zeros in on your current strengths, where you've got room to grow, and the strategies that get you there.

Whether you're picking up a camera for the first time or you've built an award-winning portfolio, uncovering your personal Focus Zone will help you ensure your whole creative self is in balance so you can enjoy endless creativity and growth in your nature photography.

Answer 7 easy questions to discover where to focus your energy to make the fastest progress AND get personalized take-action steps!

Here’s what you’ll find inside your quiz results

An in-depth overview of which Focus Zone you fall into under the Full Frame Ecosystem™, and how understanding this can help you quickly leap to the next level in your nature photography

A custom action plan that helps you boost your strengths and charge through your challenges so you can capture award-worthy photos while fully immersing yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the natural world.

A mindset motto for recalibrating course for your creativity north star

How to stop doubting your photography capabilities and potential when you can zoom in on your strengths, find your Focus Zone flow, and shift into fifth gear with your photography instead.

Who's Behind the Full Frame Ecosystem?

Hey there, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

I'm a wildlife conservation photographer, photo editor, instructor, and founder of Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy and the Full Frame Ecosystem model.

I teach purpose-driven nature and wildlife photographers how to grow both their camera skills and visual storytelling skills so they can make an impact for the places and species they love.

I am all about building strategies that minimize overwhelm, spiraling, and stagnation so you can gain momentum. Because what you do with your photography talents is important.

Drawing on my 14+ years of experience as a professional photographer and photo editor, and my obsession with breaking down complex things into step-by-step roadmaps…

I've had the honor of helping hundreds of students tackle challenges and break through barriers in how they approach their photography and, importantly, get clear on their unique, specific paths as nature photographers so they experience success after success.

Is it your turn for that kind of clarity and focus?

Take the assessment, and let's get started on your journey to becoming an unstoppable nature photographer!