Conservation Photography 101

Master how to find, photograph and pitch powerful conservation stories without the overwhelm of where to start, the stifling insecurity about getting the “right” images, or frustrating confusion over how to connect with editors.

Enrollment opens again January 2024

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By the end of the program, you'll be able to…


Know how to hone a winning idea that has a clear and unique angle, and master the steps to mapping your story from concept to publication.


Know the elements of compelling, storytelling images,  confidently capture unique shots in the field, and build rich, well-rounded portfolios


Know the strategies for finding the perfect publication for your story. Craft attention-grabbing pitches that have editors rushing to say, “Yes!”

Here are the essentials…

​What’s inside? 👉 3 Learning Modules, the Story Atlas System, the Implementation Map, a complete, step-by-step pitching plan with templates and examples, plus SO much more!

​Who’s it for? 👉  CP101 is right for you if you’re a nature photographer eager to make an impact with your photography and inspire your community to act on the issues you care most about…

OR if you’re a budding professional who wants to add visual storytelling to your skill set and craves having a clear roadmap + coaching for going to the next stages in your career.

Sound like a fit?

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Student Success Stories

Kyle Gerner

“The course has paid for itself in less than a year!”

Before taking Conservation Photography 101, I had no previously published work – text or photo. 

I thought, how does somebody with zero experience and a full-time job get started in this?

Then I came across Conservation Photography 101. All of the resources are very articulate, very thorough and most importantly, the how is emphasized.

And now I have my first conservation photo story accepted for publication.

The course has paid for itself in less than a year!

Shari Romar

“This course has been the best investment I've made in photography.”

This course has blown-my mind. Every element is spectacular. And the depth of feedback is beyond what I ever expected.

I've learned so much that’s helped not only improve my photography, but also really build up my confidence.

With the frameworks from the course, I’m more clear on what I want to photograph when I’m out, and how I’ll approach it. I know what my next step is, and I’m now confident that I know what I'm doing.

This course has been the best investment I've made in photography, aside from my gear.

Learn from a Professional Photographer & Photo Editor

Hi, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

I’ve been a professional wildlife conservation photographer for 14+ years, and am a photo editor for conservation-focused publications. Equal to my passion of pursuing stories is my joy of teaching others and helping YOU attain your greatest goals.

I know how difficult it can feel to get started in your conservation photography journey. Trust me, I've been there! And every day I see pitches for photo stories, so I know what gets attention and Yes answers.

I am all about building strategies that minimize overwhelm, spiraling, and stagnation so you can gain momentum. Because what you do with your photography talents means the world to us all (literally).

I've had the honor of watching my students tackle the challenges and break through barriers in how they approach a story, how they approach their image creation, and importantly, how they think about themselves as conservation photographers.

Pulling from my love of structure and organization, and my passion for teaching conservation storytelling, I’ve crafted a system that will help you get out of the thought spiral and into the field making waves.

Conservation Photography 101 is the only program of its kind in this field.

Provides a step-by-step roadmap with everything you need to get from story idea to confidently hitting send on a pitch email

Is built specifically for photographers focused on conservation visual storytelling, no matter your experience level

Includes a complete toolkit of resource materials so you never feel lost or intimidated in the story creation process

Focuses as much on the nuts and bolts of planning and implementation as on the creative process of photography

Has a go-at your-own-pace structure with 24/7 access to materials for a fraction of the price of in-person workshops

Includes BONUS 4 months access to our private student group + live instructor feedback for support as you grow

Get the proven roadmap so that you can leapfrog the “how do I do this” and skip straight to the “I'm doing this!!!” part, with coaching & support along the way, all for just


This course is perfect for you if…

You are new to the world of conservation photography and want to start off on the right path

You've been working in conservation photography for awhile but want to gain traction in how to shoot a full story from start to finish

You’re ready and willing to put in the time and do the tough work, and you’re game to tackle any hiccups you encounter on the journey

You’ve decided this will be the year you stop tinkering and get serious about making a genuine impact with your images, and you know getting serious about publishing a story is the way to do that

You know that building structure around your creative energy is a weak spot for you, and having a road map that keeps you on track will get you the results you’ve been wanting

You've worked on shooting stories, but haphazardly, and you want to finally get laser focused on how you find, approach and organize your shooting so you hit the finish line every time

You’re ready and excited to embrace the title of conservation photographer, to lay aside some previously held beliefs or habits in favor of new ones that will help you do the hard yet rewarding work of completing a conservation photo story